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Liverpool's first team was put together by John Mckenna one of the Everton officials who had remained loyal and John Houlding the founder of Liverpool FC and they enjoyed a double success in their first season.

Mckenna was from Ireland but god connections in Scotland and recruited over a dozen Scots This lead to the team becoming known as the 'Team of All the Macs', due to eight of the side that played in 1892-93 having 'Mc' as part of their surname, although one of the goalkeepers Bill McOwen was English. Mckenna managed the side along with William Barclay, Everton's former manager who was also a school headmaster.

The club won eleven of their first thirteen games and were champions of the Lancashire League, finishing ahead of Blackpool on goal average. They also won the Liverpool Senior Cup, beating Everton 1-0 in the final in front of 10,000 fans at Bootle, although there was disappointment in the Lancashire Senior Cup where they reached the final but lost 2-1 to Bootle.

Unfortunately, the two trophies that Liverpool won were stolen from the window of a pawn shop in Paddington where they had been put on display. They were never found and Liverpool had to pay £130 to replace them.


Extract taken from the book '100 Facts - Liverpool' by Steve Horton
image: Liverpool team of 1983

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